In our busy and stressful lives it’s very seldom that we take the time to experience the bliss of letting go, not doing, just being. And that’s exactly how I feel in a CranioSacral session! Being held in a non-judgmental and caring way and asking nothing in return, I feel safe and sink into a calm and peaceful stillness. I stop thinking in circles, tune into the way my body feels and become aware of what is going on physically and emotionally.

  • Marianne S.

At the end of a CranioSacral session I am more aware of my body, thoughts and reactions. I feel relaxed, yet energized and confident, ready to face my world again. And the best thing is, I know I’m always welcome to return to my hour of serenity and Linda’s gentle hands will lead me back to my very own sanctuary!

  • Bozana R.

The first time I came to see Linda for a CranioSacral session I was completely stressed-out and didn’t even know it! All I knew was that my neck and shoulders were hurting and I was grinding my teeth at night (my dentist told me it was TMJ). When I got off the table that first time I felt like I was walking on clouds. Nothing could disturb or upset me and this wonderful feeling stayed with me for several days. Now I schedule my session on a regular basis every two weeks and this hour of total surrender and relaxation helps me take on the daily challenges in a more calm and mindful manner (just ask my kids!). And my neck and shoulders don’t hurt any more, either.

  • Maria B.