“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

This is THE book to read, study, share with family and friends, meditate on the beautiful illustrations and always keep close by to read again and again. It incorporates portions of “Heal Your Body”, listing the correlations between dis-eases and thought patterns.


“The Art of Extreme Self-care” by Cheryl Richardson

12 practical strategies guide you  to transform your life one month at a time with the goal to experience the true nature of your soul.


“Empowering Women” by Louise Hay

Easy to read and inspiring, this book covers woman-specific topics and concerns. It encourages women to be mapmakers and pacesetters, to strengthen the ties between us and to reach a new level of freedom.


“Experiencing Your Good Now – Learning to Use Affirmations”  (incl. CD) by Louise Hay

This delightful book teaches the power and importance of affirmations and how to start applying them right now!


“Heart Thoughts – A Treasury of Inner Wisdom” by Louise Hay

A combination of meditations, spiritual treatments and excerpts from her lectures, this book focuses on aspects of every day experiences.


“Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” , “The Wisdom of Menopause” and “Goddesses Never Age” by Christiane Northrup, MD

Three of the most comprehensive books on women’s health, integrating the physical and spiritual aspects every woman needs to know in order to create a healthy body and fulfilled life.


“Stand Up for Your Life” by Cheryl Richardson

We all want to make a difference in the world. The first step in discovering and fulfilling this mission is to take a leadership role in your life. Build new courage muscles and increase your self-esteem so you can realize your greatest potential.


“Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen – The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations” by Patricia Crane, PhD (heartinspired.com)

In 12 easy, fun and entertaining chapters you will get instructions on how to order up the delicious life you want!




“Tales of Every Day Magic”

Based on true life-stories this series of 4 movies shows how the thoughts we choose create the life we live. Each DVD includes an additional hour of interviews with the featured author.


“Change without Thinking”

An expert in the areas of hypnosis and subliminal communication, Eldon Taylor lectures on the inner workings of our minds and explains the research behind InnerTalk® technology, a process that helps people successfully change for good.


“You Can Heal Your Life”

An entertaining and inspirational movie on the fascinating life story of best-selling author Louise Hay. It reveals how she applies her teachings to her own emotional, spiritual and professional life.


“The Energies of Love”

This program, developed by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, shows you how to recognize your own energetic style and your partner’s and how to bridge them to achieve greater harmony and deeper love in your relationship.


“Energy Medicine for Women”

Focusing on women’s issues, Donna Eden demonstrates energy techniques to tackle the specific health concerns they face.


“The Biology of Perception – The Psychology of Change”

Bruce Lipton, PhD and Rob Williams, MA challenge the prevailing traditional views of biology and psychology  and offer revolutionary new scientific ideas that will help you understand the inseparable nature of the mind/body connection.


“Ambition to Meaning”

Dr. Wayne Dyer explores the spiritual journey from the ego constructs of achievement and accumulation to a life of meaning based on serving and giving back.




“Making Change Easy – Opening Yourself to a Better You”

Holosync® Technology induces peaceful theta brain wave patterns, relaxing and opening the unconscious mind to the silent messages and affirmations for creative problem-solving and rejuvenation of body and mind.

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Peaceful affirmations (spoken and subliminal) to relieve anxiety and help you relax, created and narrated by Louise Hay.


“Sunrise, Sunset”

Delightful morning and evening meditations guided by Patricia J. Crane, PhD to mindfully begin and end the day.

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