In our busy and stressful lives it’s very seldom that we take the time to experience the bliss of letting go, not doing, just being. And that’s exactly how I feel in a CranioSacral session! Being held in a non-judgmental and caring way and asking nothing in return, I feel safe and sink into a calm and peaceful stillness. I stop thinking in circles, tune into the way my body feels and become aware of what is going on physically and emotionally.

  • Marianne S.

At the end of a CranioSacral session I am more aware of my body, thoughts and reactions. I feel relaxed, yet energized and confident, ready to face my world again. And the best thing is, I know I’m always welcome to return to my hour of serenity and Linda’s gentle hands will lead me back to my very own sanctuary!

  • Bozana R.

The first time I came to see Linda for a CranioSacral session I was completely stressed-out and didn’t even know it! All I knew was that my neck and shoulders were hurting and I was grinding my teeth at night (my dentist told me it was TMJ). When I got off the table that first time I felt like I was walking on clouds. Nothing could disturb or upset me and this wonderful feeling stayed with me for several days. Now I schedule my session on a regular basis every two weeks and this hour of total surrender and relaxation helps me take on the daily challenges in a more calm and mindful manner (just ask my kids!). And my neck and shoulders don’t hurt any more, either.

  • Maria B.

I have been a client of Linda’s for over a year, receiving treatments about three times per month. I’ve found her innovative approach combining Massage with Craniosacral Therapy quite effective  in promoting physical and mental wellbeing. She was most sensitive to my concerns and designed a therapeutic routine specific to my needs. Her technique reduced leg and back pain as well as stress related symptoms. Her ability to effectively combine therapeutic modalities is remarkable. Thank you Linda.

  • Michael H.

Thank you for the amazing massage & craniosacral therapy! I am here in Palm Coast on vacation and unfortunately have been suffering from headaches the last few days (including a particularly excruciating one the day we flew in). Luckily I heard about craniosacral therapy from Linda and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. Not only does Linda have a gentle touch, but the therapy left me feeling so relaxed. And… No headache today! I have had a lot of massage treatments, many at expensive spas, and I can *honestly* say that this experience with Linda is the best ever. I may have to come here more often!

  • Adrienne K.